viktor hauer WORKS Music The first section of this site is the music. As a little kid I used to listen to my older brother’s band when they played in our bedroom. I started very soon to dream about learning a instrument and become a “rock star”. As the years went by I listened to Beatles and “played” along with my imaginary guitar. In 1972 I began learning to play and music has ever since being at my side - or, inside me. The songs in this site are composed under different times and situations of my life. Building instruments In this section I wanted to show my “Dream come true”. In the eighties I had a friend who made violins. I remember visiting him and just getting impressed by his work and knowledge. At that time I wanted to start building but I think I wasn’t prepared to do that. I waited almost 25 years to make that dream come true. In Mars 2009 I finally made my first instrument - The Bass you can see here in the “my work” section. Graphics The third section of this site is about the images I’ve done with DAZ Bryce 3D. I find this program, compared to other 3D program, very easy to learn and use. Without any 3D experience you can make beautiful 3D graphics very quickly. For me it’s a perfect tool for learning about 3D, animation and lighting. I really recommend this software for those who want to enter the world of 3D graphics. viktor hauer